Thanks to the Bergums’ continued commitment and widespread support of their campaign, Lene Maria for Rent Vann (or, Lene Maria for Clean Water, in English) seven communities in Liberia and Kenya now have access to clean water. And they’ve set another ambitious goal. This time the Bergums hope to fund the rehabilitation of a solar water pump at a primary school in Ilgwe Eldome, Kenya that has broken down and left the school without a source of clean water. In addition, they hope to fund the completion of Ilgwe Eldome primary school. The school currently needs two more classrooms and two more teacher houses in order to be recognized as a primary school by the government, and therefore eligible for government funding.

Lene Maria for Rent Vann is well on its way to realizing this third goal. The campaign has already raised over half of the $69,012 USD necessary to fund the entire Ilgwe Eldome project. Lene Maria for Clean Water, with Voss Foundation and local partner Milgis Trust, has decided to release the funds that have already been raised by October to start the first part of the Ilgwe Eldome project. Voss Foundation will publish details about the project soon! The second part of the project will be funded once the Lene Maria for Rent Vann reaches it’s third goal.

For the most up-to-date news and events, please visit the Lene Maria for Rent Vann website or Facebook page. And as always, thank you to all those who support Lene Maria for Rent Vann.

When the Bergum family surpassed their goal to raise 360,000 NOK ($60,000 USD) to fund a water project inMasiketa, Kenya to honor the memory of their daughter, Lene Maria, they didn’t stop. Instead, inspired by the commitment of the Norwegian community who supported their efforts through creative fundraising campaigns, they set a new goal: raise enough to fund a second water project in Rivercess County, Liberia. They achieved the second goal in less than a year.